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Advanced Classes

Advanced classes are a combination of form review, push hands, and Tai Chi sword.

Form Review

For people who have learned the basics in a beginning class, these classes are concerned with the ongoing process of correction and refinement of the 37-postures and gaining a deeper understanding of the principles of Tai chi and their application.

T'ui Sho (push hands)

T'ui Sho is an interpersonal practice that is an integral part of Tai chi training. This interaction between two people serves to broaden their understanding of the principles and skill in applying Tai chi to relationships and conflict, creating greater harmony and fellowship. T'ui Sho, done in a principled way, develops flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, and mindfulness in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Tai Chi Chien (sword)

Composed of a 52-posture form and free-style fencing, this unique practice further refines and deepens the student's understanding and expression of the essence of Tai Chi.

Sword Form Postures (pdf)

Cheng Man Ching Sword Form video

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